Most people forget the name Guinness refers to a beer and not a brewery, and there is more than one version of Guinness.  St. James Gate Brewery founded in 1759 is by no means the biggest brewer in the world, but without a doubt brews the most iconic beer.  Almost anywhere in the world you can find Guinness, and the brewery has pioneered many techniques that make brewing what it is today.  For most of us, Guinness is our first dark beer.  Of course for the non-beer drinkers there is always the Guinness Book of World Records which was created in the 1950’s to settle disputes in pubs regarding records and facts.  Either way Guinness is a recognizable name.

Tasting Notes:
When poured from a can with a nitrogen cartridge into a tulip pint Guinness Draught creates a creamy head atop black liquid.  Light aromas reminding the drinker of roasted malts.  Flavors of malt and cream cling to the tongue as it passes over leaving a slightly dry finish.  A drinkable beer to be sure, but not the same power as one would expect from an American craft brewed stout.

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