Open It! is an event originating out of the UK, and UK bloggers often bring up BrewDog.  I never have had the pleasure to enjoy BrewDog and picked this one up to give it a go.  I was surprised by the beer.  I expected a lot of hops but it just wasn’t there.  Their website claims 150 IBUs which should have blown me away, but it didn’t.  However, I would say I enjoyed this beer.  I think one of two things is going on here 1) I somehow got a bad bottle or 2) people on this side of the pond calculate IBUs differently.  I did look at reviews online.  Some match mine and some say I am way off.  Please read my tasting notes and leave your theory on what happened in the comments.

Tasting Notes:

This should be version 2.0 of this beer indicated by white lettering on blue label.   Poured a copper color and a bit cloudy.  A nice head formed and gave off aromas of grapefruit, maybe even pineapple and bready malt.  I did not expect so much malt.  The malt was on the tongue as well and had a bitter finish which was nice.  There were note of citrus with a medium body, making it very drinkable.  My bottle had a batch number of 174 and best before date of 26-07-11.  I served it at 50F degrees.


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  1. Hocking Hick says:

    Chances are, if it is over 100 IBU, it has quite a bit of hops to balance it out.

    Ex.: I recently picked up a Harbinger Rye Beer from Neil House in Cbus. It is advertised at being around 205 IBU, which I thought would burn the buds off my tongue, as well as a possible case of heartburn — not the case.

    Because of the balancing hops, it wasn’t nearly as bitter as a Green Flash West Coast IPA at 95 IBU.

  2. Hocking Hick says:

    I meant Malts to balance it out. Sorry.

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