Walker’s Reserve, Anniversary 14, Double Jack

At last week’s release party at Piece Brewery in Chicago, Firestone Walker treated everyone to samples of three beers, the Walker’s Reserve, Anniversary 14 and Double Jack.  All the samples were excellent.   Customers were offered the chance to buy a half pint and keep the glass for an extra dollar.  Well, knowing me and glassware and especially considering the glass had a “FW” nucleation point, I sprang for it.

Walker’s Reserve

I like most about Walker’s Reserve- Robust Porter is it is a “reserve” and a porter.  So often a reserves or special edition beer is an intense IPA or a barrel age stout.  It seems like no one comes out with a special release porter and it is good to see the style receive recognition.

Tasting Notes:
Walker’s Reserve- Robust Porter poured a dark brown into a half pint glass with a moderate tan head.  A sweet aroma with chocolate and coffee give way to a creamy flavorful beer.  A drinkable porter at 5.9% ABV, and if I didn’t have to work the next morning I would have stayed for another.


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