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A growing number of glassware have a etching in the bottom of the glass.  These etchings provide a nucleation point.  A nucleation point creates a spot where bubbles can form.  Once these bubbles form they rise to the surface and break.  The process can be beneficial to beer because the bubbles breaking release more aroma.  If given the option to purchase a glass with a nucleation point I would recommend it.

Nucleation etchings come in a variety of shapes from simple to fun.  The bottom of the Samuel Adams new glass has a simple ring while New Belgium has a Bicycle and Anheuser-Busch (AB) has their logo in a tasting glass.  Many people get to the bottom of the glass and comment on how cool it looks but have no idea what that is doing for their beer.

You can tell if the mark on the bottom of the glass is just decoration or beneficial relatively easily.  All you need to do is pour a lighter colored beer and look for a stream of bubbles.  The stream will be pretty obvious and should last until the beer is gone or flat.  Why you would leave a beer out so long it ended up flat is beyond me!





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  3. Scott says:

    Thanks for calling these glasses “laser etched”. I work in the industry of glass decorating and everybody here thinks we’re “nucleating” the glasses. I always tell people that we’re “lasing” glasses, but nobody ever seems to get it. *sigh*

  4. Develop says:

    This review is from: Sam Adams Perfect Pint Glass Set of 2 These gasesls are not Genuine Sam Adams Sensory gasesls: the gasesls have imperfections and seem to be QC rejects. Both gasesls have air bubbles in the glass, some more noticeable than others. The rims on both gasesls are uneven with noticeable bumps and one of the gasesls lacks the laser etched nucleation point on the bottom of the glass. The second glass only has half of the etching present.After contacting Sam Adams directly and inquiring about the gasesls they sell, the representative told me their gasesls do not have these imperfections. If you are considering these gasesls as a gift for someone (as I was,) be careful because they are not factory perfect. I contacted the seller regarding the imperfections and they claimed to have bought the gasesls directly from Sam Adams. Either way, the gasesls were hand packed and wrapped in bubble wrap so I find it hard to believe the imperfections weren’t noticed during packaging.I received a full refund and they let me keep the gasesls.

  5. Nancy Ham says:

    My husband collects beer glasses. His first one is a Budweiser glass with etching in the bottom, I am looking for a reputable site to purchase some beer glasses with the etching for Christmas. Thank you, Nancy

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