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Mean Manalishi by Hoppin’ Frog is a Double IPA weighing in at an “alleged” whopping 168 IBUs. ¬†I say “alleged” only because a number of people argue that the International Bitterness Unit Scale can not realistically exceed 100 units. ¬†However, IBUs shall be discussed another time.

Tasting Notes:
Poured slightly orange with a one finger head.  The nose had a sweet smell with a slight hint of pine and citrus.  An  earthy and grassy taste up front and back with a very strong hop presence.  The initial taste makes you think you grabbed a barleywine by mistake.  Medium bodied and moderately carbonated a beer that goes down, but not one you can drink over and over.  Beers like Mean Manalishi and Ruination IPA have such high IBUs that your palate can only sustain one beer in an evening.  I am not saying this is a bad beer, in fact I think it is excellent, just not as a session beer.


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