Alaskan Winter Ale is one of my favorite Winter beers.  The 6.4% ABV does not push you over the edge as many winter beers do, and allows you to enjoy more than one in a sitting.  Spruce tips have been historically added to beer recipes throughout Alaskan history, and in this case, Sitka spruce tips add a sweet smell to the beer.  Winter Ale novel recipe won a Bronze Medal in the Experimental Category of the 2004 World Beer Cup.  If you have not tried Winter Ale, I highly recommend it.


Tasting Notes

Poured from a bottle into a snifter, Winter Ale appears copper in color with a thin head and no real lacing left on the side of the glass.  Slight aromas of fresh fruit and a bit of pine emerge from the glass.  This medium bodied beer is sweet on the tongue, but with a bit of spice from the hops.  At 22 IBUs, the hops are by no means overpowering.  There is a bit of warming alcohol, but not overly prevalent.  In summation, this beer has just a bit of everything you want, but none of it is in your face.




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  1. GLBCMAS says:

    I had this beer in January 2009 (I keep a journal) along with their smoked porter and summer kolsch. All three were great beers. But since they do not distribute to Ohio and our laws changed I can not get the websites I used to ship me beer anymore. Thank government.

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