Another in the Series based off of 1001 Beers You Must Taste Before You Die (1001 (Universe))

Stone Brewing sets itself apart from other breweries by refusing to use Cascade hops.  Now, let me tell you, Cascade is my favorite hop.  I love its aromas and flavors.  However, at the same time I have not met a Stone beer I did not like.  Stone recently came to Chicago, but before that I would often have a pint or two when travelling.

The label on this beer claims the name “Ruination” derives from this beers ability to instantly make anything else taste horribly bland..  Also an assertion that this beer is 100+ IBUs (Bitterness).  Now is not the time or place to discuss the theory that beer can not be above 100 IBUs.

Tasting Notes:
Split this 22 oz. bottle with Bro into my newly acquired Stone pints.  Even-though the hops are up there, a balance with the malt existed.  A definite bitter aftertaste.  Notes of citrus and pine were also present and the beer left a light lacing on the bottle.


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