My journey in beer continues as I work through 1001 Beers You Must Taste Before You Die (1001 (Universe)). For beer number two I drank Budweiser.  Yeah thats right AB rears its ugly head in this book.  When I first saw it in 1001 beers I was taken aback.  Then I read the description, gave it some thought and realized “yeah this belongs here.”


Tasting beer isn’t always about tasting the tastiest beer.  It is also about knowing where beer has been and going. Anheuser-Busch (AB) is the epitome of quality control.  I have heard they do daily comparisons  not just between batches, but also between breweries around the world.  A Big Mac in London matches a Big Mac in Des Moines and same with Budweiser.  I respect their consistency although I may not be a fan of the taste.  I appreciate a beer with more depth and complexity than AB products normally provide.  I would say remember AB hires some of the best brewers in the world, although their talents are handcuffed in the name of mass market appeal.


Tasting Notes:

Poured from a 24oz can into a pilsner glass.  I had to really sniff to get a whiff of the beechwood.  True to form it was crisp and light and well utterly tasteless.  I will admit AB makes a few good beers, but this just isn’t that great.



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