When bands are on tour, they submit lists of requirements (or in some cases ‘demands’)  to the concert venue of items for their dressing room, on stage, and for their tour bus when they hit the road.  There are obscure requests – Van Halen requires all brown M&Ms removed from their dressing room, Michael Bublé would like a hockey puck from the local team, and the Foo Fighters asked for a parting gift of wacky colored flavors of Gatorade.    When it comes to beer, some bands are picky while others are willing to explore the local options.

  • Before Jimmy Buffet collaborated with Anheuser Busch to create Landshark Lager,  he requested mass production beers such as Bud Light and Budweiser as well the craft beer Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and the local microbrew beer.
  • John Mayer and his tour group is fan of Stella Artois as well as Sheryl Crow’s.  Coldplay on the other hand requested lagers, but no Stella.
  • Taylor Swift’s tour bus enjoys their Corona with limes, and New Castle.
  • Shania Twain and Foo Fighters put in requests for the mass production beers as well as a local microbrew.
  • Beck requested no Heineken but approved of local microbrews.
  • Local brews are also an option for Wyonna Judd and Alicia Keys.
  • Adele specifically requested no North American beer in her dressing room.  Local lagers were requested for the band’s bus, and beers like Bud Light and Miller Light are not acceptable.

Cheers to those bands who are exploring the local options.  What a better way to enjoy the tour across the country or world than to partake in the local brews.


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