For the last beer of Open It! I decided once again on an Imperial Stout.  I do not know why I ended up so Imperial Stout focused, but most of these beers were high ABV beers that I kept putting off for a special occasion.

This Dark Horizon is the third edition.  Each time Dark Horizon is brewed it is only made once and then retired.  In this batch, coffee was infused to give it a deep coffee flavor.  Sugar is also listed as an ingredient.  In all honesty, you may be able to call this beer an iced coffee and serve it for breakfast, but at 15.5% ABV it might get you sloshed before lunch.

Tasting Notes:

Poured a straight black into a snifter and had a sweet and coffee aroma.   This was nicely bitter and sweet taste at the same time with deep notes of coffee and some licorice.  The sweetness in both aroma and flavor is more reminiscent of table sugar than malt or candi sugar as seen in many beers.  The flavor is viscous and lingers on the tongue. I am sad to say I only have one of these  bottles.


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