There are some rumors brewing at the beginning of Chicago’s Craft Beer Week about where some brewers will land.  Jim Cibak is rumored to be moving to Revolution’s new production facility to continue what he started in Revolution’s brewpub.  Wil Turner former Goose Island pub brewer is reportedly to take his place at Revolution.  I think this is a win win for Chicago.

There are two types of professional brewers: pub brewers and production brewers.  Cibak is without a doubt a production brewer.  That is not a dig at him.  Wil is a pub brewer.  By putting Cibak in a production facility I think we will likely see him work on more larger scale barreling operations.  With Wil back in a pub we will probably see a lot of innovation.  (Not that Revolution was lacking that to begin with.)  I do not recal Wil ever barrel aging while at Goose.  Could be interesting to see what he comes up with as they do tend to barrel at Revolutions’s pub.

I have a third rumor and it is one I am starting.  Bryan Shimkos former Flossmoor brewer has made the following statements via Twitter:

  1. That he wants to stay in Chicago
  2. He had to give hair to a test.

Well Goose Island is the only brewery I know of operating in Chicago that does hair follicle testing.  I could be wrong, but that is my prediction.  I think Bryan does well as a pub brewer, but if this is the direction he is going a few years of work in a production facility may lead to some brilliant beer wherever he lands next.





  1. Kevin says:

    Looks like Bryan S. is going to brew at Revolution. Good for him!

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