I picked Ryediculous IPA up in Wisconsin not noticing the rye on the label, like a chameleon it blended in.  I split it with Bro and gave one to my Dad.  As soon as I tasted it I regretted not getting a sixer for myself, I noticed the rye and I love rye.  Chameleon Brewing is a side project of Sprecher Brewing.  I only discovered it was Sprecher related after a Google search.  There is no indication on the label except the same city for both breweries.

Recently I drank a sampler pack of Sprecher beers and felt disappointed.  Sprecher makes good beer, but the beer did not do it for me, I was looking for more punch.  The Chameleon line seems to be a line of beers with a bit more flavor.  I feel the need to make a pun that Sprecher needed to camouflage this line of beer, but I do wonder why not come out with it under the already established name.  I just told Beer Bitch the other day I probably would not go back to Sprecher, but as soon as I discovered the true maker of Ryediculous I said we needed to go back.

Tasting Notes:

Poured a burnt orange with lots of suspended floaters, and a couple fingers of head.  The aroma lacked a strong hop aroma which surprised me, but there are notes of caramel.  Take a sip of this and bam-up front spicy rye and bitter hops.  The taste lingers on the tongue with peppery notes and ended a bit sweet.




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