Most people believe store brand is probably inferior to the real name brand item, and beer lovers fall to that belief as well.  As I grew up I always thought store brand was not as good, and my mom will tell you I often thought name brands were marks of status.  I learned differently and do not shy away from store brands anymore.  I have commented before on Trader Joe’s use of better brewers for their store brands.  Trader Joe’s contracted Unibroue to make this year’s Vintage Ale.  Unibroue without a doubt is a fine brewer, and Trader Joe’s made a wise choice here.

Tasting Notes:
This Belgian Strong Dark Ale poured a  brownish black and had nice head.  The aroma reminds me of Unibroue’s other beers.  Which means I was not a fan, but that is a personal taste issue and not a brewery defect.  There were aromas of spice, dark fruits, and of course esters.  Full of flavor this beer coats your tongue in dark fruit, clove and candy sugar.  It was very carbonated which tickled the tongue.  I aged mine for about 3 months, but you could age it for about 3 years.  I would likely try this again next year, but age for a couple years.


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