That is right folks, tonight on the Discovery Channel two shows will have beer as a prominent focus. At 8:00/ 7:00 CST Dirty Jobs is airing an episode titledBeer Processing.  My DVR says the episode is new, but chicken sexer is listed as being the other half of the episode of the show.  My presumption is this is a repeat of a season one episode.  I recall that this episode gives a pretty thorough review of the brewing process, and of course focuses on sanitation.  I love the irony of a show called Dirty Jobs talking about sanitation.

Then at 10:00/ 9:00 CST is the main event, Brew Masters. This is a new series on the Discovery Channel and will follow Dogfish Head founder Sam Calagione around the world.  The promos of the show seem to lean towards Sam’s more exotic brews.  I wish the show would cast a wider net.  I think people would be fascinated by more typical styles like porter and IPA.  Also, the series will only follow Sam around.  If the show continues into a second season it seems it should start featuring other brewers.  Either way, I am excited.  This will not just be a show for beer geeks, but will also start exposing a wider audience to craft beer.  Finally, if Discovery Channel is putting this on TV they must really think craft beer has a supportive audience.  This makes me wonder when we will see TV commercials for craft beer.

Tune in tonight to see what happens!


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