I follow Twitter feeds from several of the main players in the industry, and for the last week I kept shaking my head.  Over and over I read that a Oktoberfest or pumpkin beer or some such fall goodness was released. On Friday I went to my friends cook out.  Now being a beer geek I don’t bring a salad or cookies or something like that to pass, I am expected to bring beer.  I made a dutiful trip to the store right beforehand and yeah selection sucked.  All these fall selections and no Kolsch, no summery beers.  It was 90+ degrees on Friday.  Did brewers forget that Chicago still has hot days in August?  I understand Oktoberfest actually happens at the end of September, but we could wait a few weeks to buy it.  So brewers next year can you make sure I can buy fresh summer beer until Labor Day?




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