Poster From Sampling Event

Poster From Sampling Event

Nectar Ales is a Brand of Firestone Walker.  According to the brewery rep who served this at the recent Motley Brews event in Las Vegas, Hemp Ale is the only hemp beer in production.  The ironic thing was as I asked for a sample the rep seemed to be unimpressed with the beer.  I seriously have never tried weed or weed brownies.  The closest comparison for me is the smell of a college roommate.  I can assure you this did not smell like cannabis, but I have no clue on the taste.  The seeds used in brewing this beer lack THC, the intoxicating compound in cannabis.  This beer lacks anything that screams special except that it is one of a kind.

Tasting Note:

Bottle into rinsed sample glass at Motley Brews event.

Malty with some hops.  Clean finish, and remarkably forgettable.


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