Deconstruction Ale is part of the Odell Brewing Co. Single Serve Series.  Odell brews a great deal with their pilot system in order to get feedback from consumers.  The beers in this series are a limited release in 750 ml bottles of the most popular pilot beers.  When I first drank this beer it was with one of the brewers on the patio of Odell Brewing Co, and decided it was worth bringing a bottle back for a fuller examination.

Typically when a beer is barrel aged it is done so in one type of barrel.  Deconstruction Ale is blend of 44% straight ale, 33% oak aged, 20% bourbon barrel aged and 3% wine barrel aged.  I must also say aging in old wine barrels is also outside the norm.  This beer comes in at 10.5% ABV, which is typical of barrel aged beer.  I poured this beer into a snifter forming a nice thick head that had some staying power.  Golden in color and a bit fizzy with a full mouthfeel.  Deconstruction started sweet and turned tart pinching your cheeks as you finish.  I am not typically a fan of Golden Ales, but I did enjoy this one.


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  1. 15 member breweries of the Illinois Craft Brewers Guild got together to make Heartwood Symposium Ale, a blend of bourbon barrel aged imperial stout, imperial IPA, Scotch wee heavy, and barley wine.

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