Black Chocolate Stout By Brooklyn Brewery


This is a beer I been babying for a while.  Its been sitting in the back of my cabinet since the Winter 07-08,  Also the point where I started my own business.  I felt this beer would be appropriate as today my business finally wiped its hands of start up debt, and I cross into a realm of full profitability.  Not such a small accomplishment in the face of a recession and given the fact that no one was sure I had that great of an idea.  Now I just need to keep it afloat.


Anyways, your not here to listen to me brag, you wanna know about beer.  Brooklyn is on my personal list of well regarded breweries.  I like Mr. Oliver in fact I have met him a few times.  I really should write a series on brewers I like.  Given the inclusion of chocolate in the name one may be surprised to learn it has chocolate malt, but zero actual cacao. It is brewed like a Russian Imperial Stout and is contract brewed at a larger facility.  It is also noted that this beer put Oliver on the map.




Tasting Notes:

Winter 07-08 Vintage 12 oz bottle poured into a tulip glass just below cellar temp.

Poured like motor oil.  Hit with notes of simultaneous chocolate and hops.  It has bitterness but not the type you expect from hops more like satisfying dark chocolate bitter.  About a third of the way in start to feel the alcohol.  Strong warm smell of roasty goodness hits the nose.  Some may suggest this to be paired with smoked meats, although given the chocolate taste I recommend for after dinner, possibly paired with some dark chocolate. (Side Note: I attempt to cellar, but do lack proper temp controls which may reflect my personal experience.)



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