I think everyone needs a beer buddy.  A beer buddy is someone who enjoys similar yet distinctive tastes from your own. My beer buddy named Bro is less experienced than me although we are working on her.  (Yeah Bro is a girl, but she can beat me so be nice.)

I think our drinking partnership is well balanced.  Although she has always been one for trying new beer she has not had the depth of experience I have.  Its fun I get to expose her to new beer, and I am working on the glassware situation.  One of the best moments is when she returns from the fridge with something I have never seen before and beams with pride at the concept of surprising me with a new tastebud adventure.

I am beginning to study for the Cicerone exam and have told her she can expect to be along for the ride.  I expect her to contribute as we go and she will, and thus both of us will have a richer experience.

Do you have a beer buddy?



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