Dear Subscribers,

Over the holiday break a series of posts were deleted accidentally while the database was updated.  Unfortunately as these posts were restored over 30 emails were sent out to some subscribers.  As I updated the posts I had no clue about the inundation of emails until a subscriber brought this to my attention this morning.  We know why this happened, but are unsure as to how to prevent it from happening when there are mass updates.  We will look into a permanent solution, and apologize for the error.

Currently if you are signed up for Immediate updates you will get an email for each change made to a post.  For example if a post is published in the morning and a link or typo fixed in the afternoon you will get two emails.  We are recommending subscribers use the weekly or daily digests options.  You would only get one email a week or day with all the posts from the previous week/ day.  The site will be updated in the coming week to reflect this suggestion.  You can make changes by clicking the manage subscription box at the bottom of the subscription emails.  We are also exploring a more user and publisher friendly subscription service, and will let you know more in the future.  The subscription service has been on the site for less than 45 days and we are still learning.
We apologize again, and if we can be any help please do not hesitate to contact us.  We value subscribers, and strive to be one of the best outlets for beer on the web.
The Very Small Beer Team



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