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737 W. Randolph
Chicago, IL 60661


I struggled to decide what to write about Haymarket.  Pete Crowley proprietor and brewmaster, also seems to have been struggling.  Pete as we know from his time at Rock Bottom Chicago is an accomplished brewer and the medals to prove it.  Unfortunately, it takes time to learn a new brewing system and while Pete was learning the beers were not his best.  I do not want this interpreted as Pete was putting out substandard beers.  The beers were technically correct, but not the stellar results many had come to expect from Pete.  The beer has gotten steadily better and I can feel like I can now say he is on the right track.

The food has not been improving, and well was often pretty average.  The burger was no different than what I could cook at home, and the mussels tasted fishy.  The specialty sausages seemed to not strike anyone’s fancy either.  There are now strong rumors that Chef Christopher McCoy will leave Rock Bottom Chicago where he previously worked with Crowley and is headed to the new brewpub.  This would make Haymarket a place to go for dinner and not just a drink.

I hope the rumors are true.  I would love to see Haymarket be an even bigger success than it is now, and once the food is worth writing about you can expect a full review.








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