Revolution Brewing Co.
2323 N. Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL 60647

Revolution is the brainchild of Josh Deth.  Josh has past experience both running the brew kettle as a brewer at Goose Island and as a bar owner when he started Handlebar.  Jim Cibak, current brewmaster at Revolution, has experience at Goose Island, Three Floyds and Firestone Walker.  Revolution has plans to bottle/ can beer this fall with Wil Turner, former brewmaster at Goose Island taking Cibak’s place at the pub.  Cibak will be heading over to the production facility.  Everyone in this mix is competent and it shows when you sit down to dine.  They do offer tours at certain times and I felt the tour was very in depth for a brewpub tour.

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The Beer

Revolution brews about 35 different beers a year.  I find their beer to be a bit on the adventurous side and well made.  Beers like Workingman Mild can be found year round, but others like Rosa are seasonal.  I often feel that beer here may be a little bit out of the style, but that is not a bad thing.  Cibak definitely likes to experiment, but does not let bad beer hit the tap. Revolution also made sure they had room in the basement for a significant barrel aging operation.  I expect to see many different things popping up over the years as they get more and more into experimenting.  The only downside is I go in enjoy a pint of something delicious, and go back and it is gone, and I may never see that again.  However, a brewery that is constantly evolving and innovating will always give my taste-buds something to experience.

The Food

Bacon Popcorn.  Oh your interested in more than bacon popcorn?  Well, portions are generous, and well priced.  The pizzas are big enough for 1½ people.  Try the Smokehouse composed of smoked tomato sauce, bacon and pulled pork.  Personally, I am a fan of the Workingman Burger.  The only complaint I have heard about their food is a desire for the Margherita pizza to have more basil, but that may of been a one time thing.

The Location and Atmosphere

Although located in Logan Square the hipsters are not overpowering, and the beer loving crowd fills the place up.  The place is pretty much eye candy.  Well decorated enough to be the cover feature of Chicago Architect magazine in their September/ October 2011 issue.  While many people admire the giant wooden bar; I am a fan of the barrel stave wall.

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  1. MASGLBC says:

    Since I live in Ohio both times I have been there they have great beer. I would say it is a must stop if I am in Chicago. I also like the pizza because it has a great crust from a wood fire I am guessing.

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