The kickoff event for Chicago Craft Beer Week was Beer Under Glass.  This event was held at the Garfield Park Conservatory.  The meandering paths of the conservatory had stations with various craft brewers and food.  While many of the breweries were local there were a few from outside Illinois.  The event was a nice chance to meet some brewers in person and even try a new brewery or two.  The event not only featured great beer, but had great food.  There was a chance to try ice cream from Ruth & Phil’s Gourmet Ice Cream which was delicious and other heavy appetizers throughout the gardens.

The event needed a few simple improvements.  For one, the event was published to begin at 5:00, but not actually scheduled to open until 5:30 which upset people.    A few high-top tables near the food stations would of prevented the inevitable juggling of food and beer.  Drinking water was scarce, with only a couple water fountains throughout the venue.  My biggest complaint was the lack of dump buckets.  Realistically, you are going to get beer you do not like.  Although I saw a handful of 5-gallon buckets scattered throughout the venue a small bucket at each station would of been wise and is not unusually for this type of event.

Overall this was a great event and I plan on going next year!



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