Goose Island’s Honker’s Ale for all intents and purposes was my first love of craft beer.  I used to be blown away by its’ hops and when I have it now I laugh at how I used to think it was mind blowing.  I do not think Honker’s is bad.  When I used to drink it all the time I had yet to have a 100+ IBU or any of the other powerful beers that now touch my lips.

Inspired by English country pubs, Honker’s Ale is one of Goose Islands core brands and is found in most grocery stores in the Chicago region.  I also know some grocery stores and almost all beer stores in the Midwest can get you this beer.  For a number of years I kept a six pack of this in the fridge as my go-to-beer.  I also find this is a relatively safe beer to take to BBQs and other gatherings as people may not find it as intimidating as some other beers.

Tasting Notes:
Pours amber with a bit of a haze and a proper head.  A fruity aroma with a trace of hops gives way to flavors of a balanced brew.  A bit of citrus hops dances across the tongue.  Honker’s has a pretty smooth feel almost thin mouthfeel.  I think novices will likely have their eyes opened by this beer and snobs will likely drink one and move on.


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