All too often people drink beer from a can, bottle or wrong glass.  By having the proper glass you will reward yourself with a much better beer experience.

Glassware has a variety of implications in drinking beer. First, is smell. You taste more with your nose than your tongue, and you can’t smell from a bottle. Second, a visual inspection of the beer lets you know what your drinking.  You can see the color, head carbonation etc.  If there is something wrong with the beer here is where you get your first clue.  Finally, a glass can make you feel special.  Look at some of the above glasses.  Do they not look like fun to drink from?





  1. Elle Potter says:

    Just wait until you check out the Spiegelau tasting event at the Beer Bloggers Conference next month! The difference the glass makes to different beer styles is absolutely incredible – and you’ll leave with your own set of glasses to take home, too! See you soon (:

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