The third beer of the Open It! weekend was White Rajah by The Brew Kettle in Strongsville, Ohio.  White Rajah IPA was not exactly a beer that I was saving for a special occasion, but rather just never seemed to get too.  The moment never seemed to come.  From my understanding this was a one time batch from The Brew Kettle, and is a shame as it is a very good beer.

Tasting Notes:
Poured a hazy yellow from a 22oz bottle creating a one finger head and some lacing.  A strong citrus and tropical fruit aroma.  Citrus and other fruit flavors are dominate in this beer, but nowhere near as bold as the aroma. White Rajah has a dry sweet finish that leaves you wanting more.  I wish they would brew more of this so I could get some next time I pass through Ohio.


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