After spending all of the weekend snowed in, I felt Hibernation Ale by Great Divide was a wise choice for Sunday night.  Now I know the folks out in Denver are laughing at my measly Chicago storm, but I do not care.  Hibernation Ale is brewed in the summer and aged by the brewery for a few months until release, usually in November.  I am told this beer will age well.  However, I got this lone bottle off a singles shelf in Ohio so one beer is all I got.  I do think in the future I will try to find a six pack and age it a year.  It is worth noting that the side of the bottle brags about the well deserved Gold and two Silver medals from GABF .

Tasting Notes:
Poured into my Great divide glass it made a nice khaki head that gave off a chocolate and spice aroma.  The non-scientific descriptor of taste here is “warm”.  Flavors of dark fruit, some alcohol, caramel and malt notes balance with a solid hop presence.  Hibernation Ale had a surprisingly full mouthfeel, but I found it to be an excellent winter beer.


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