Wednesdays are for beer reviews and I know I have been telling you all about the 1001 beers.  However, I had one of those beers that change perspective last weekend.

Sigda’s Green Chili was light and crisp with a fiery chili side.  I found it not to be obnoxious like Cold Creek Chili Beer or even Rogue’s which are so in your face its not worth drinking.  (I am sure some Rogue fans would disagree.)  It was an excellent example of what a brewer can do when a brewer puts his mind to it.  He could of just as easily just dumped a bunch of crap in a kettle and called it beer, however he did not.  The attention to detail resulted in a well balanced beer where the spiciness was an element and not the killer flavor.  I am assuming this drinkability (thanks for coining the phrase AB) comes from the use of Anaheim and Serrano chilies instead of chipotle like Rogue.  Although Cave Creek uses serrano so I have no idea.  I will caution you it is spicy, but if you like spice give this one a shot at least as part of your sampler.

Look for my full review of Cooper Smith’s within a week.  Trust me it is good news I don’t buy glassware from just anyone.


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