This past weekend I had a chance to go home.  Going home means a lot of things, but this is a beer blog so here is the beer part.


One of the better parts of going home is to hang out with my younger beer loving brother (ok there is another one but he likes whiskey).  Friday night resulted in a chance to trade beer and drink a special beer together.  This time it was creme brulee Imperial Milk Stout.  A couple interesting notes on this beer for one the beer changes as it warms up.  Secondly, you can actually taste burnt sugar in this beer this never ceases to amaze me the ability of brewers to inject flavor in beer.


Saturday resulted in a trip to Lagerheads in Medina, Ohio.  This is a releatively young brewpub (few months) that also has a smokehouse on premise.  Word to the wise it is out in the boonies.  Then again I am all for gravel parking lots.  I had a pulled pork sandwich which I enjoyed.  And the beer…I of course ordered a a sampler of their beer.  Their on premise beers included a witte, a red ale, a dortmunder, a pale ale, and a stout.  I felt the witte and stout to be solid, the red and pales to be very good, and the red to be exceptional.  They also had a selection of beers from AB to American microbrews to imports.  The trip is worthwhile but please drink local.  I always frown on a bar that sells corporate beer and make their own.  It leaves me wondering what the deal is.



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