Goose Island markets repeatedly their Matilda beer as brewed for food.  Well some recent batches have been anything but brewed for food.  In a very sterile manner Gregory Hall issued this statement.  In the statement he admits Goose had several batches of Matilda contained a strain of Lactobacillus.  While this poses no health risks as it is often used in beer it is “outside spec” as Mr. Hall puts it for Matilda.

Goose Island shipped batches of this from 4-1-2010 to 5-21-2010.  See the list to see if your bottle was recalled.  The problem that bothers me is HOW?  How does a brewery ship a beer for 50 days that isn’t right?  Why weren’t brewers and lab techs pulling samples throughout the brewing process? How did this go on for so long?  How did it get in there in the first place lactobacillus is not naturally present?

In my opinion I think it was laziness and cutting corners.  I personally have felt Goose is just no longer making sure their beer is quality.  Even if you want to say Bud is crap you have to give AB credit for flying daily samples from all 12 regional breweries to St. Louis for consistency checks .  I currently am thinking long and hard before I decide to give my hard earned dollars to Goose as I feel they are not earning it.  One bottle off is no big deal, but this much?  Give me a break.



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