I have received word that 5 Rabbit Brewing has changed contract brewers.  I previously stated my admiration that 5 Rabbit was upfront about Argus as a contract brewer.  Well they are now switching to Minhas Craft Brewery.  I think this is a smart move.  While I would prefer to see beer brewed both locally and by the people who own the brand Minhas is a smart choice.  Minhas is pretty experienced in contract brewing, and in my opinion can provide better quality assurance.  QA is key to a growing brand.  Best of luck to 5 Rabbit and lets hope they get their own place soon!


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  1. Emiliano says:

    Let me first start by saying, I absolutely loved all three 5rabbit brews from the very first time I tried them. I currently live in NYC, but travel to CHI almost every week and constantly bring beer back for myself as well as friends who also love Randy Mosher’s creations. I just wanted to mention, I heard the 5rabbit brewery will be ready in no time. Apparently they already have all their equipment and are moving into their new location any time in the next few months (could they be trying to surprise us?). I don’t personally know the 5rabbit guys, but have a good friend who has met Andres at a couple of events and has told me he is one of the most down to earth, nicest guys he’s ever met. I too wish them all the best with their new brewery, and no matter where they brew until their own place is ready I just hope they keep making wonderful beer I can keep enjoying.

    • SmallTimeDrinker says:

      I heard they were looking, but I had not heard they were that far along. Sounds like they are progressing nicely. Great for the Chicago Beer Scene.

    • David Smith says:

      2 weeks ago I took a class called How to Start Your Own Brewery and on the 2nd day, Randy gave a speech about marketing. He also went over how 5 rabbit came to be etc.. As of 2 weeks ago they had the equipment on order, they don’t have it yet. I don’t remember him saying anything about a building but I would assume he does have one because you don’t order a brewery system without having a place for it. Each system is custom built for the area it will live in.

  2. http://www.examiner.com/craft-beer-in-chicago/5-rabbit-brewmaster-explains-changing-contract-brewing-partners
    The link above has my article where I contacted 5R brewmaster Randy Mosher for his statement. It’s mostly a matter of not enough capacity at Argus since they started putting their own stuff in retail bottles, and still expected to be a stopgap until they open their own brewery in 2012.

  3. Ali says:

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