This post is more about life than about beer, but think it over anyways.  I am not a fan of my day job as a consultant.  Yes it has a paycheck, flexible hours and the ability to do whatever I want.  However, the day job is not what I love.  I love this site.  I like writing for it, researching for it and drinking for it.  Beer Bitch has agreed to allow me one day off a month for Beer Day.  Beer Day is a day where I can write, sample and pretty much do whatever I want.  Does it mean I totally shirk my responsibilities?  No.  I did email a client this morning and need to take a 15 minute call at some point this afternoon.  What I do get is a morning to work on some nice articles, a lunch that should heavily discuss beer and business and then an afternoon and evening of sampling.

Not everyone gets to get up everyday and do what you absolutely love.  If that’s the case find a way to work in passion into your life.  My consultant job pays my bills and allows me to do something like this which barely creates enough income to pay for hosting.  Knowing that thousands of people come here looking for something that I am passionate about makes it worth doing for free.  Find what you love and go do it.

Happy Beer Day!




  1. MASGLBC says:

    That is why in the summer I have happy hour in my personal beer garden when I get home from work. Helps to relieve stress and I drink some great beer.

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