Yesterday I wrote about bar responsibility, and as promised here is my post on consumer responsibility.

For todays entertainment post I was originally going to write about pairing, but given this weeks news that the 45 year-old son of Goose Island founder John Hall allegedly urinated in the middle of a bar I thought I would talk about social drinking.  We all have done things we are not proud of while drinking.  I admit it.  I hurt people’s feelings and acted like an ass on more than one occasion.  While I know I apologized and said something to the effect of “I was drunk” on these occasions I know that is not good enough.  Blaming it on the alcohol is not appropriate.  You made choices and you must deal with consequences.

A minor isolated incident might not be cause of concern, but when actions rise to a more serious level being drunk is not an excuse.  If the public urination allegation against Greg Hall is true, and had he been convicted he would be a sex offender. (At this writing no charges have been filed.)  He also sat in a car waiting for a ride according to published reports.  I asked a lawyer I know about this and sitting in a car with the keys is constructive possession and control which could result in a DUI conviction.  In one night Greg Hall almost got labeled a sex offender and lost his driver’s license for a DUI.  I am not trying to pick on him; I am just trying to illustrate how poor choices can ruin a life.

What are your duties?

  1. Know your limits and when it is time to go home.
  2. Do not use alcohol as a cover for indecent or offensive behavior.
  3. Respect the staff, other patrons and your friends.
  4. Apologize like a man don’t use Facebook pick up a phone or better yet go see the offended party.
  5. Do not by any means get into a car.
These are simple duties.  I know you can handle it.  The most troubling thing for me out of this were the comments to the news stories.  I was blown away by the number of people who excused his actions because he was drunk and secondly, by the number of people who felt it was common to act this way.  More than one bartender made comments that it sounded like a typical Saturday night.  Seriously people?  I thought I left this behavior behind when I switched to craft and ditched the Natty Light.





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