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Recently Bro made a journey to London and brought back Brains.  No, the Brits are not cannibals, Brains is one of the leading breweries in Wales.  One of the things we instantly picked up on were warning labels.  American labels tend to be, well wordy.  The UK labels are short and simple.  My personal favorite was the silhouette of a pregnant woman with the international no symbol over her.  The simplicity of this makes so much sense.  How many people stop to read or think about a wordy warning label.  Furthermore, those not fluent in English, illiterate or just ignorant quickly understand they should not be drinking this beer.

Both the British and American warning labels have two parts.  The British label does not warn you about driving or operating machinery.  The British seem to be more focused on how much you consume.  The label states that men should drink a maximum 2-4 units a day.  Now I only have a Brains can and bottle to base my analysis on, but it seems that UK craft beer is about 2 units.  I would assume something like Bud Light would count as fewer units.

I am making a personal note to look into this more.  Unfortunately, the imports sold in Chicago are packaged for Americans and lack the UK label.  If anything I think the American labels are likely weaker, or maybe different societies view labels differently.  If anyone has more insight I would appreciate you curing my curiosity!



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