St. Louis Brewhouse

Believe it or not, Anheuser-Busch might not be as bad as you think.  The whole operation gets a pretty bum wrap about their beer based on their flagship beers Bud and Bud Light.  Many find it appalling that rice is used in the brewing process.  I find it interesting that The Bruery can add rice to their beer to create a lighter flavor, but AB can not add rice for a lighter flavor.  Many of the beers in AB’s Michelob line are actually pretty good.

People also do not realize the level of influence AB has in many of the most popular craft beers. AB has about a one-third stake in Goose Island and steaks of several others, most notably the Craft Brewers Alliance.  Many people from the South think Landshark Lager is a micro-brew.  Seriously?  When do craft breweries have enough cash to buy naming rights on an NFL stadium?  Think I am lying? Scroll to the bottom of their homepage and click the link.

Beer Bitch Loves The Horses

AB has played a big part in beer and popular culture.  How many cultural references have come from this brewery?  Clydesdales, Spuds McKenzie, frogs and the much loved and hated Whatzzzzzzzzzzzzuuuuuuuup.  Also, there are more serious issues in which AB has played a role from immigration in 19th century to prohibition in the 20th century to lobbying beer laws in the 21st century.

Pouring From A Finishing Tank

If nothing else AB is an excellent example of American manufacturing, even if owned by the Belgians.  If you are in St. Louis it would be a shame not to stop at the original brewery.  If you do go, it is worth signing up for the paid Beermaster tour.  This tour covers a bit more ground and you get to see more of the facility than you do on the free tour, plus there is a nice tasting glass for a souvenir.  I will say drinking Bud Light from a finishing tank doesn’t taste half bad.



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