I am five months into this blogging odyssey and readership is now over 800 readers a month.  The blog has covered a lot of ground.  One thing I have felt lacking is commenters.  There are a few who seem to chime in from time to time, and those of you who do, thank for your participation.  The Binny’s post had a great deal of commentary as well.  My goal is to make a comprehensive site for beer education.  What do you want to read?  What do you want to learn?  I want to make this a site for my readers.  I am asking you to please comment more at least on this post and give me a suggestion of something I could write about.

Also, this site is ad supported.  If you see an advertisement to the right or below this post and it interest you please, support my sponsors.

Come on, let me here some thoughts, some ideas, and things you want to know!


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