Today feels like a Monday since I have been out of town so here is a tough topic to get the week off to a tough start.

Every time I walk into a brewpub I take a look at what beer is on the menu.  At Breckenridge in Denver I saw Miller Light, at Boulder Brewing’s airport location I saw Coors Light, Flossmoor has High Life and Goose Island sells Budweiser.   Why do these breweries sell the competition?  I can somewhat understand a brewpub selling a guest draft of a crosstown rival, but why the big guys?

I have heard all the excuses.  Some say customers demand it, while others say it is a good way to maximize profits.  I think if your customers are demanding macro lager your brewer is not making a product worth drinking.  If you are really concerned about maximizing profits you sell your own beer.  Selling your own beer provides a much wider profit margin than selling a competitors.  Unfortunately, these brewpubs do not always have the best trained staff.  All too often I will hear someone order a Budweiser and fail to hear staff offer something comparable like 312.  Even if the staff do not make the sale right off the bat, a small free sample served alongside the swill might make the customer a believer.

Am I being picky or should brewpubs sell macro lager?


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