I have been comparing myself to several other beer blogs and twitter people and felt like I should be producing five to ten times the volume I currently am.  Then I started to really take a look at what is out there.  The first thing I noticed was press releases.  Many of these blogs are taking press releases and pasting them into blogs with no additional information.  The goal of this blog will not be free advertising.  I expect that you expect thoughtful commentary on issues.  That brings me to the second thing I found: reposting of another blogs idea with the only additional comment of agreeing or disagreeing.  I find it distatseful to not contribute to the conversation.

I have a stated goal for this blog about making it thoughtful and original.  If I can not produce something worth reading then why bother writing.  I know the more I post the higher the readership, but I do not want to trade off more hits on this blog for quality.
Finally, I wish to apologize.  This site has become really focused on beer reviews.  I would like beer reviews to be just a fraction of what you can find.  I am in the process of preparing articles in six areas:
  • Tough Topics
  • Location Reviews
  • Hosting Beer Events
  • Beer Styles
  • Beer Reviews
  • Beer Ingredients.
Some of these subject areas are more difficult to prepare than others.  I am attempting to write a few weeks material in advance before each series comes out, and still try to keep up with daily posting.



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