We only see fresh hop or wet hop beers twice a year during the fall in the northern and southern hemisphere harvests.  To be a wet hopped beer the whole hop cones are used instead of the processed pellets in making the beer.  Unfortunately, hops are highly perishable.  In order to successfully make a wet hop beer the hops are picked, overnighted and used within hours.  This requires a bit of timing on behalf of the brewery in order to make sure they have a tank ready to go.

Great Divide’s Fresh Hop gives off a grassy, citrus pine aroma.  Not as pungent as I expected, but not lacking.  The beer is amber in color with a thick white head that resulted in lacing as time went on.  There were hops up front and at the finish, with a resiny feel.  The malt balanced the beer out nicely.  Fresh Hop is very light on the tongue to the point the beer was almost gulp-able.  Bud Light could learn about “drinkability” from this beer.  I do regret only buying one, but hey, there is always next year.


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